Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. There are many positions from accounting to taking photos that can help rescue animals.  We appreciate anybody’s interest and happy to fit someone’s unique talents and time constraints to help.  Below are a few descriptions of positions needed:

  • Fostering –  we are happy to guide anyone new to the experience and welcome seasoned troopers. The fact is many beautiful, healthy animals are euthanized because shelters are too full. Some are only given days to be adopted, and if not, are put to sleep because shelters are over-run. If we could just provide a safe haven for them for a few days to a few weeks and sometimes a few months – they could have a chance at a real home. These animals are usually sweet, affectionate, love attention and are so grateful someone cares.
  • Social Media Coordinator – manage Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Photographer – photos and video of adoptable pets can make the difference to finding homes.

If interested in finding out more information on potentially volunteering, Click here to fill out form.

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