Spay and Neuter

We feel very lucky to offer a local low-cost program in Hammond for cats.  We caution anyone that utilizes low-cost spay and neuter programs as there are some risks. If you have a family pet that you love, we strongly advocate going to a local veterinarian for the operation. There are many risks involved from anesthesia to contracting contagious diseases.

In general, the cost is $35 for a male and $47 for a female. We also offer vaccinations and a feline leukemia test. IF INTERESTED PLEASE FILL OUT FORM BELOW and we will put you on a list and contact you regarding available dates.

DETAILS:  The location is at 43075 S Range Rd., Hammond LA  70403:  Typically, the animal is dropped off between 9:00 and 9:30 am and picked up same day at 4:00 pm. Please remember:

  • No food or water after midnight
  • Each animal should be in a separate carrier or crate
  • If animal is not friendly, it has to be in a dog crate or trap, so anesthesia can be administered

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