Spay and Neuter

We participate in two low-cost programs listed below. We caution anyone that utilizes low-cost spay and neuter programs as there are some risks. If you have a family pet that you love, we strongly advocate going to a local veterinarian for the operation. There are many risks involved from anesthesia to contracting contagious diseases. Low-cost spay and neuter clinics typically utilize veterinarian students and do a bulk amount of animals at a given time. If there is no alternative, FIXING an animal is the answer and we welcome the participation.

In general, the cost is $35 a cat depending on male or female, and which facility is used.

  • Baton Rouge Low Cost Spay and Neuter: We try and schedule once a month to transport cats to this facility. The days are (Monday – Thursday) and the pet has to be available at site designated at 7:30 am. Pick-up of animal is on the same day, at the drop-off site from 5:00 – 7:30 pm depending on numbers.
  • Louisiana State University Veterinarian School (LSU): LSU is typically the last Sunday of the month, but some months are closed, so contact us to get on the list.


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