Feral Colonies

This page is under development and will only be accessed by volunteers. The purpose of this page is twofold. One to alert State Animal Control of colonies that are being cared for. Colonies that are being fed and part of a TRAP, NEUTER and RETURN program should not be sited as a nuisance. We would like the opportunity to work with animal control if there is an issue that arises and have the opportunity to relocate any colonies or cats, if needed.

The second reason is colonies depend on the caretakers and we can all use a vacation. Sometime we have to go out of town, resources may not be available to trap, we need to express concerns with one another and offer assistance. We hope those that choose to share in this program, will have resources that would otherwise not be available. Information will only be shared with other caregivers and not provided to the general public including location of colonies. For more information please email us.